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Latest Mphasis Fresher Interview Question Pattern has been gathered from the various sources like student’s feedback, interviewee’s feedback and some internet websites.

Totally 3 rounds :

  • Online aptitude test.
  • Technical Interview
  • HR interview / Versant round.

Test Procedure :

  • No negative marking
  • Sectional cut off for each round
  • One minute leisure between sections
  • Answer the next question only by moving from current question
  • Can’t move backward to correct answers
  • Totally Five Sections
  • 1. English. (25 question in 25 minutes)
    2. Quantities aptitude (25 question in 35 minutes)
    3. Computer basic (25 question in 35 minutes)
    4. Personality related group (32 question in 25 minutes)
    5. Reasoning (24 Question in 35 minutes)

1. English:

  • Refer Aspiring Minds materials
  • 10 synonyms and/or antonyms
  • 2 passages (totally 6 to 8 questions)
  • Assembling the sentences.

2. Quantitative aptitude:

  • Questions based on log questions. Speed, distance etc.

3. Computer Based:

  • Based on c programming.
  • Based on OOP concept. And OS concept.

4. Personality test:

  • Focus on your attitude.
  • No consideration to final result

5. Reasoning:

  • Based on seat arrangements, coding, sequence etc.

Technical Interview

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Key skills
  • Write one simple string copy program
  • Write 10 to 15 UNIX commands
  • OSI layers
  • Write C program to swap numbers without using temp variable

HR / Verbal Communication Round

  • Tell me about yourself
  • General HR Interview Questions
  • Phone interview round
    • At first you have to tell your name and city
    • There was 5 sections
    • One sheet will be provided to you
    • You have to read some sentences on that as per another side instruction
    • It tells some sentences. You have to repeat that. It asks some simple questions. You have to answer.
    • It tells some small story. You have to summarize that in time constraints. It asks some questions. We have to give good explanation for that.
    • For Ex: If you would allow to choose between summer and winter for 12 months what would you choose and why?
    • 40 seconds time
  • Are you flexible give example?
  • Why you came from north India to South?
  • What you like here?
  • Have you any job location?

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