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Hi Friends

Please find below the expected exam pattern for Infosys Fresher Offcampus to be held at JKC. To know more about the Infosys Offcampus at JKC Please visit

Total no. of rounds: 2

  • Written Test
  • Interview

Written Test procedure: It consists of 2 papers:

For Aptitude, follow the books:

  • Verbal & Non-verbal by R.S.Agarwal
  • Quantitative aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal
  • No need to follow any more books.Aptitude paper consists of 30 questions in 40 minute

It consists of questions on following topics:

  • 1-5 figure series questions (very very easy)
  • 6-10 direction based questions.
  • 11-15 general questions based on geometry and common sense questions (quite easy don’t worry)
  • 16-20 DI passage (not very tough but calculative so just practice it )
  • 21-25 puzzle (i was not able to even see it)
  • 26-30 Logical deduction( syllogism). (practice all the 3 exercises given)

For Verbal part, follow the books:
Objective English by R.S. Aggarwal try to learn grammar from any book and increase your speed of reading by regular practice.Verbal paper consists of 30 questions in 30 minute (again very less time so increase your speed by practice). It was the eliminating paper in my views.
It consists questions from following topics:

  • 2 reading comprehension quite easy). Total 10 questions.
  • Sentence completion
  • Sentence Correction.
  • Spotting errors.
  • deriving inferences & conclusions from passages.
  • Practice these from Objective English by R.S. Aggarwal  (Unit 2,3,4).

Some of the Sample HR question will be:

  • Tell me something about yourselves.
  • Your project and the part you played in it
  • Have you been a part of some programs conducted in your college?
  • Family background?
  • Willing to relocate?
  • What do you do in your leisure time?
  • Orkut or face book? why?
  • What do you do to technical knowledge?

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