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Recruitment Process consists of :
1.Online Test
2.Technical Interview
3.HR Interview

1. Online Test:
It consists of 5 sections which include Quantitative Aptitude, Series Completion&Coding,Comprehension, Correcting Sentence, Articles&Prepositions. For Quantitative Aptitude, Series Completion ? R.S. Agarwal is more than sufficient. Only thing is that you must complete within very short time. Each section contains 14 questions to be answered within 6min. For this hand practice and logical thinking is very essential. For success in aptitude you should think as an Engg., and solve as a 10th std., student. Time management is very essential. For Correcting Sentence, Articles&Prepositions ?Wren & Martin is more than sufficient. Practice tenses, articles and prepositions on Wren & Martin. Regular practice and Speaking correct English will make you to clear this section very easily. Correcting Sentence ? in the test they have asked us to identify the wrong parts in the Sentence. Reading comprehension is very easy. For this you must fast reading & understanding habit. Each section has sectional cutoff.

2.Technical Interview:
Interviewer asked me related to the subjects that i have come across. At first he had asked me about my area of interest. My area of interest is Computer networks. He asked me about network, diff., between bus and star ,internet,browser, LAN. Then he asked me about TLW subject, WiFi, working of cell phone, losses in transmission lines and how to overcome it. And some more questions that i can’t remember now. My interview lasted more than 40 min. Most important thing is that you should have practical knowledge about the things that you have come across. In other panel C,C++ are asked.

3.HR Interview:
It lasted for 20 min. The questions are: 1.Introduce yourself. 2.Why want to hire u.

Part 1: (Verbal/English)


1. equanimity
2. sequester
3. apathetic
4. dislodge
5. sedate


1. celebrate:marriage::
a. window:bedroom b. lament:bereavement
c. pot:pan d. face:penalty

2. negligent:requirement::
remises:duty cogent:argument
easy:hard careful:position

3. Germ:disease::
man:women doctor:medicine
war:destruction shopkeeper:goods

4. bouquet:flower::
skin:body chain:link
product:factory page:book

5. letter:word::
club:people page:book
product:factory picture:paper

Part II

1. One monkey climbs a poll at the rate of 6mts/min and fell down 3mts in the alternately. Length of the poll is 60 mts , how much time it will take to reach the top? a. 31 b.33 c.37 d.40 (ans: 37)

2. X men work for X days to produce X products, then Y men can produce Y products in – – – – days. (ans: y^3/x^2)

3. sqrt(12 + sqrt(12) + ((sqrt(12) +………………….infinity) = ? (ans: 4)

4. consider a square ABCD, in which E is the mid-point of BC & F is that of CD. Now find the ratio of area of triangle AEF to the area of square ABCD. (ans: 3/8)

Part III (Reasoning)

1. There are 4 buses – A,B,C,D. There are 220 students in a school. A can carry 60 students. B can carry 50 students. C can carry 40 students. D can carry 35 students Cost of travelling in the 4 buses were given, A – 160 , B- 140, C- 125 , D- 95 (not exact values)
a) Find the bus combinations, so that all the students can be carried in the minimum cost (One can use any no. of buses of a particular type)
b) Find the min. no. of buses required to carry all students etc.

2.  P speaks Italian & French Q speaks Spanish & English R speaks Italian & German S speaks Spanish & French T speaks English & German etc. Find a) Mediator between P & Q b) Most popular language etc

3. All P’s are Q’s some R’s are not C’s Some C’s are P’s & so on ( 5 Q’s based on these facts)

4. One Logical Venn diagram problem

5. One simple flow chart

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